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Tenochititlan, 1523

Poem of the Week by Francisco Aragón

strange while fishing

sun lowering itself

everyone wondered

unknown bird the vision

over and over



a new game men

wild with


chopped skin

burnt feet

all of it




surprise shock so

so so

desire everything

not enough.

an erasure of Andrés Montoya


Francisco Aragón is the son of Nicaraguan immigrants. He is the author of Glow of Our Sweat and Puerta del Sol, as well as the editor of, The Wind Shifts: New Latino Poetry. His third book, After Rubén, is slated for 2020 with Red Hen Press. His Tongue A Swath of Sky, a chapbook, was released in 2019. A native of San Francisco, he is a faculty member at the Institute for Latino Studies (ILS) at the University of Notre Dame, where he directs their literary initiative, Letras Latinas. For more information, visit:

This poem is an erasure of a poem by Andres Montoya (1968-1999). Montoya was an acclaimed Chicano, or Mexican-American poet from Fresno, California. Montoya's literary activism was a source of inspiration for generations of Latino writers. Much of Montoya's subject matter paid homage to the farm workers of the California central valley, the vast majority of whom were Latin American immigrants.

Artwork by Ellen Sharman


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