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Down the Telescope Barrel

I want to unpeel the universe / with my

fingernails / and dig out the planets / like eyes on a

potato. Except even this / isn’t right. I’ve got my

scale / all wrong. I’ve got a restless kind of energy /

and a bruise under my middle toenail / looming

like Neptune’s Great Dark Spot / that children’s

thumbprint smudge of storm / which vanished five

years / after we found it. Some things / aren’t

meant to be named. / Just today I spotted God /

lurking in the corner / like the P.E teacher / who

held the stopwatch for the bleep test / saying run

faster. And again and always / Run faster. /

Keep running.

HELENA AEBERLI is a writer, poet and director currently studying History and Politics at Jesus College. She likes caffeine, long coats, and longer walks.

Art by Charlotte Bunney


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