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Expectedly, Unexpectedly

By Heidi Williamson

Unexpectedly there were complications. / Expectedly the doctors said to abort. /

Unexpectedly the mother did not. / Expectedly given the situation at birth the girl’s mother /

was a glass case. Unexpectedly the girl / warmed to the glass. Expectedly / she was young.

Expectedly / there were complications. / Unexpectedly her mother moved out. / Unexpectedly

the mother was unhappy. / Expectedly she had an affair. / Expectedly there were tears. /

Unexpectedly one day the girl’s mother / moved back in. / Expectedly this did not go well. /

Expectedly the mother moved back out. / And expectedly moved in with her new man. / The

mother’s new house was expectedly rich. / Her old expectedly poor. / The mother became

expectant, expectedly. / Unexpectedly the new baby was wonderful. / The new baby became

expectedly young. / Expectedly there were complications. / Unexpectedly the mother did not

move out. / Instead expectedly she stayed. / Expectedly there was another new baby. /

Expectedly this new baby was also wonderful. / The new parents, the old parents, the new

children, / the old children unexpectedly got along. / Unexpectedly they all grew into

wonderful people. / Then unexpectedly the mother had to miss / the glass daughter’s

wedding. / Unexpectedly but expectedly / the glass daughter had asked the mother not to

come. / The mother did not expect this. / Expectedly time passed. / Unexpectedly time

passed./ Expectedly and unexpectedly later became sooner. / One day the glass daughter

unexpectedly / called her mother. Expectedly there was a lot / of shouting. They also spoke to

each other unexpectedly. / In ways that were unexpectedly painful. / And expectedly so. /

Expectedly a good story ends here. / Expectedly there is happiness. / Unexpectedly this story

is conclusive / and inconclusive. Later the mother / expectedly dies. Later still the daughter /

unexpectedly dies. Each sorrow here / is unexpected and expected. / Each gratitude expected /

and unexpected. You may take / a little of each or neither / expectedly and unexpectedly /

from this true story.

Heidi Williamson is a poet, tutor and RLF Advisory Fellow. In an alternative reality she is a physicist grey tabby cat assigned to NCC-1701-D.

Art by Izzy Walter.


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